Short domain favored Foxconn to offer fsk cn

with the,, and and other short domain name enabled, CN short domain name in the domestic Internet rapid warming.

, according to informed sources, as a global 3C (computer, communication, consumer electronics) manufacturing area of the largest and fastest-growing, international group the highest rating, Foxconn is also not resigned to playing second fiddle acronym domain name, decided to buy Foxconn’s Chinese pinyin.

why Foxconn want to buy The reason is not difficult to explain, Foxconn is now using the domestic domain, regardless of the length of the domain name of speaking, from the meaning of the relationship, or from the memory of the habit of speaking, as Foxconn Chinese Pinyin first letter abbreviation are obviously better.

information from the current point of view of the domain name holder, registered in the name, was held by a renamed ID158395 figures in Sichuan. I tried to contact the Foxconn spokesman, but was told that it has not received the relevant information, and the people of Sichuan Province also said that things have not been clear, inconvenience too much comment.

in fact, no matter whether the final acquisition is successful or not, at least we can feel it, that is, the domestic and foreign network companies and entities are more and more attention to China’s Internet market. After all, the total number of 210 million, ranking the world’s number of Chinese Internet users on any one want to make a difference on the network of enterprises have a huge appeal to the.

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