How to seize orders in the e commerce era

in the global economy has entered a period of slow development, customer orders are the most scarce resources. The order is always small and medium-sized enterprise survival and development of the chip, the first prerequisite in the current period for an order is the most small and medium-sized enterprises to survive. B2B e-commerce business in the tens of thousands of small and medium enterprises competing for extremely limited orders before running ahead to win success, is a big test.

there is no doubt that the B2B e-commerce model, as a means of network marketing for SMEs, SMEs to upgrade from business to management is huge. In the past few years, B2B e-commerce has made remarkable achievements, for many business customers to achieve the dream of high growth of their business. Today, B2B e-commerce suffered local growth "bottleneck" problem is not some people say B2B e-commerce mode of growth road stride forward singing militant songs. In the next few years, B2B e-commerce will continue to maintain rapid growth, market segmentation of small and medium enterprises continue to serve the needs of e-commerce to further expand the development of power.

thus, in the past many SMEs face almost one or two B2B e-commerce giant. Giant by early established brands, the rapid growth in customer’s dominant. However, with the excessive concentration of SMEs in the one or two platforms, there may be a broader customer relationship, but it is difficult to offset the negative competition caused by too much competition. Especially in the current, when orders become scarce.

, for example, Alibaba in the hundreds of thousands of paid users, giving everyone an equal opportunity. However, the early registration of old customers, there will be advantages in the competition on the platform. Alibaba will also take preferential policies to protect loyal customers, but after all, Alibaba keyword, advertising and other limited. In the Alibaba, such as B2B comprehensive web service model has been used for many years without innovation, new customers to its degree of difficulty than talent shows itself, a few years ago.

in the face of this situation, it is necessary for us to realize that the B2B e-commerce is not limited to the future, small and medium enterprises in the B2B e-commerce shops for promotion also have a lot of opportunities. The key is to change ideas, looking for opportunities in the new B2B e-commerce, marketing may be better than stick to the big brand effect.

B2B emerging business search after a year of a hundred responses to a single call, channel promotion success, there are many enterprises have been registered on the platform keywords, but compared to the tens of thousands of big industry lexicon, there are still a lot of opportunities for enterprise registration industry keywords. According to reports, along with the small and medium-sized enterprises in the B2B shops open a hundred responses to a single call has dramatically increased the number of related keywords and advertising to sell more and more, paying customers is ushered in the peak growth point the day and await for it.

experts suggest that in the current environment, small and medium enterprises should take B2B e-commerce, and to avoid a single platform single marketing, should establish a diversified B2B, three-dimensional network. In the new B2B e-commerce platform to avoid queuing promotion delays

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