Baidu to step free domain name but not the Alibaba’s ownership

yesterday users receive ah (C2C electronic commerce website the latest Baidu) mass email claimed was first settled in the shops to provide free top CN domain name, and that in 2 years the domain name ownership owned by Baidu for third years, according to the actual situation of transfer to the merchant. This news was spread by the industry wide concern, become a commercial behavior following the "Ali Wang Pu," then send only the domain name without ownership ".

as early as August of this year Chun M net had reported, Alibaba website under the "Wang Pu" service free of charge to the user’s top CN domain name domain name ownership was occupied on, after the majority of users and users unanimously called after the relevant domain name ownership transfer to all users.

professionals to remind the majority of Internet users in the application domain must determine the domain name registrant (Registrant or Registrant Organization) is himself or his company, which is the highest standard of legal ownership of the domain name identification. Otherwise, if the application site traffic and brand influence continues to increase, the middle of the domain name is transferred or moved to it will bring huge losses to themselves.

According to the understanding of

, CNNIC in early 2007 launched the "national domain name off plan is still in progress, as of December 31, 2008 we only need to 1 yuan of money can be in the vein network, amber net CNNIC authorized domain name registration service website or domain host station network distribution platform ( to the satisfaction of the top CN domain name registration at the same time, obtain the ownership of the domain name. (Wang Quanfeng)

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