What are the advantages of the overall planning of the site

      excellent site planning case as an important battle plan, completely determine the success of a web site, is useful. In fact, more than 80% of the site is not playing any role or play a minimal role, and really play an important role in less than 5% of the site, the site is designed to make your site to become one of the members of the 5%.

strategy, we will establish the comprehensive promotion plan for the enterprise, for enterprise website, portal website promotion case, so that enterprises in the spending of the case, to maximize the promotion of enterprises, brands and their products. Comprehensive promotion of our scheme is mainly to enhance the enterprise ranking and traffic, without the need for PPC and spread continuously, with less money does not even require money to maximize the effect of access volume and search rankings.

  at present, the most prominent problem in the design of domestic enterprise website is the use of color! For the most simple example, we often visit some enterprises at home and abroad site in the work, but also careful attention to the design of the essence of them (this is an important method to improve the design level and shortcut!) I want to say is that even if the content is exactly the same as the two sites, one is the domestic web site, one is a foreign website, we can see the difference (of course, not in the text)! We have to admit the structure design and the color level of foreign websites! Foreign websites is very exquisite color, no random color consistency coordination and overall style color often surprising, in contrast, the site does not focus on the expression of these aspects in the design, two kinds of color "color number, unrelated together, collocation is not harmonious, the lack of a unified style, but because it is the enterprise website, many components are often subject to administrative intervention, and for designers, often by their own boss and business manager (or specific person in charge) in the double attack, especially in the professional, the existence of this phenomenon, which has good design, but also accord with the taste of the person in charge of the enterprise in practical work, there is a certain degree of difficulty.

The overall tone of

uniform is very easy in the viewers mind to form a continuous memory, but also on a site the most basic requirements, through the design of a website is an important way to reflect the image of the enterprise, therefore, must pay attention to, in the following content I will introduce how to maintain a unified corporate website style.

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