Analysis of calendar year eleven double data 2014 double sales forecast of eleven

gold nine silver ten, ready to work every year eleven of September to many businesses like a raging fire; in January sales accounted for more than 60% of sales throughout the year, spring, summer, autumn harvest season is coming;

According to previous data

pyretic furuncle double eleven, double eleven 2014 sales forecast:


after 4 years of rapid growth, double eleven singles have become the most fire Chinese Online Shopping Festival, trading volume is even more than the U.S. black Friday sales growth; from the point of view, the growth rate trend has slowed down, according to the forecast growth rate in 2014, ten a growth from 180 to about 25 billion, taking into account this year Alibaba will soon be listed, the performance prediction of the pressure will be smaller, take a higher sales value of 60 billion.


Although Taobao

system for Tmall by a lot of traffic, even at the cost of the traffic from Taobao to Tmall; but due to the strong competition of the major businesses of B2C, and the influence of Jingdong listed this year, Jingdong and even some striking posture, money + flow entrance + ecosystem cards 11 complement;

Tmall overall sales growth slowed, but Taobao’s plate bigger and bigger; China’s electricity supplier situation seems to be very different from the situation in the United States;

this sales data have more cattle, to give you a screenshot (in 2013 accounted for GDP2.5% of the national:



China in 2013 the province’s GDP ranking, led by the governor of the province of Taobao, ranked twenty-first between Jiangxi and;


forecast in 2014 will lead the governor of pyretic furuncle Ma Ali by leaps and bounds, the rapid growth of about 20% growth in the implementation of GMV, the realization of the 18000 hundred million GMV even with the growth of 7.5%, Taobao is expected to also will be ranked in between Anhui and Inner Mongolia, ranked 15;




1, from 2012, Tmall’s annual sales growth rate is declining, the current growth rate in 2013 has dropped to 10%;

2, this year there are a lot of businesses taking into account the cost will not continue to renew the Tmall flagship store rumors;

3, by the way of this kind of Juhuasuan promotion business is very difficult to make money, and even some businesses said 10 pits 9 pits, the opportunity to make money very slim, consumers, Tmall platform businesses are making money, money.