Enterprise blog marketing blog can write 6 content

marketing, it is important to communicate, exchange. Blog can be more vivid, more lively and spread their views, here I wrote a little good success of blog marketing should be some small experience to write what content, I hope to help you.

1, the introduction of the use of writing products, product use help, and the use of feelings.

Google is to do so, in the Google Blog, there are a lot of articles on product help, from the perspective of a company’s employees to write their own use of the company’s products, the use of the harvest.

2, write the latest business activities.

For example,

: a piece of business to travel activities, such as the enterprise’s internal party, such as the lovely story inside the enterprise.

3, to help customers succeed information:

blog not only spread, the blog can also be a real help to the customer, so that a better life for our customers, we also wrote in their own blog on the network marketing advice, I hope to help you.

4, public welfare can be written:

call customers of the public mind, is beneficial to the public, can also increase their image, win, Why not?


5, company story:

boss is how successful, the manager is how hard, the company is how to develop, what is the value of the company, the blog can better explain who they are.

6, new product features, new innovations

brings new information to customers to fall in love with your new product.

OK, see, hear, it’s better to do it now. Enterprise blog marketing, 6 construction content @

blog site to success can be written

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