E commerce operations pattern determines the future

operation of e-commerce: pattern determines the future – a communications industry practitioners 8 years of self perception and summary

after 8 years of practice in the market, through market devastation and market analysis, in the communications market in Shandong, I have become one of the practitioners of the army. Simple nagging a few words, is a summary of their own. From 09 years in October, began in Jining, Zaozhuang, Tai’an, Laiwu, Linyi City five to turn over the market, see only a small part at times of each link, the ecological chain, still has the feeling.

mobile phones, including the entire communications industry are more and more difficult to do, this is our consensus. But ask a peer: in addition to selling mobile phone, what will we do? Answer: don’t know. Coupled with the market counterparts in Ji’nan, we know it will be more and more difficult to do, but still struggling, but many people have sought another way out, because the idea has changed, the form has changed.

first on the Ji’nan market, street residents, Shandong city has brought the rise of communication, but there are still part of the peer transfer falls under the step in the whole. It can be said that in terms of the location of the communications market, you can see very much to understand the pattern of the boss. The original market big or large, many of them are not very famous small turned into a large. Who will not care about the transfer of the market and the sense of loss of large, but now the same who go back to care about the


in the gold rush of Taobao, Ji’nan is regarded as the big brother of the mobile phone. For example, because of the outstanding star Stuart and earn the money and getting rich, there are a large number of practitioners in the back of the hard to follow. But with the implementation of the strategy of Taobao in January 1st 10 years in Taobao, backed by a good shade tree days may be gone for ever. Because three yards, and five yards, Taobao was scared.

but in this process, we can see a lot of gold: because of the particularity of the communications market, the pattern of the company boss determines the future of the company. Take any hand, licensed? Well, trade machine or licensed, Xinhua, Yihua, Heng, smooth, Siqi several large, although plus a lot of roasted, but they are the leader; three yards and five yards, ha ha ha, not everyone can understand the PHS in the in the transformation, some successful, for example, there is a long day Thailand, CDMA, a W Wolfowitz, but why still keep the transition is not successful but also There are plenty of people who, pattern?! C do not need to speak more, basically no successful transformation, rely on the original customers keep solid incomplete, waiting for the fate the goddess once again favored. Take Shun who is concerned, huh, huh, keep the original customers, coupled with sales plus business mouth sweet point, run a little bit, the price of it?. Besides maintenance and accessories, a lot of maintenance schools are famous, but many accessories including batteries are no longer advertising, why?.

and after 5 years of market, many are not living under the counter.

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