Beijing held CN domain exhibition activities

The Internet provides a new opportunity for China’s rapid development, and the application and development of CN domain name is the most basic part of the development of China’s internet. The day before, in order to seize the commanding heights of the information age, the majority of small and medium enterprises to improve Internet application level, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, so as to further promote the rapid development of Internet Chinese, Beijing Xinnet Digital Information Technology Co.,. 2000 National Internet based service providers, launched the theme of "large-scale exhibition activities.CN lit Chinese Internet lu.

It is reported that such a large-scale

although information application is important, promising, but the overall level of informationization of small and medium sized enterprises in our country is still relatively backward, urgent development. According to the Information Office of the State Council released the "2005 China Internet information resources survey report" shows that in our country about 24000000 tax enterprise website enterprises is only about 400000, the majority of.