Ali CEO Zhang Yong rural consumption of Taobao let me shock

Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong

sina science and technology news July 9th afternoon news, Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong yesterday in Zhejiang, Tonglu to attend the second County Economic Forum keynote speech. Zhang Yong said that the rural market is being ignited by the Internet, the development of rural electricity supplier Alibaba, not just to bring a sales window, but also the use of the Internet, in the countryside to nurture a new ecosystem.

in October last year, Zhang Yong announced that Ali will invest 10 billion of rural electricity supplier development, the start of thousands of county village plan, the construction of the operating center of the 10 thousand counties, the village level service points 100 thousand. Zhang Yong at the summit to share the Alibaba in a year to explore the road of rural electricity providers: do ecological.

Zhang Yong shared a set of data to promote the years: "in the past June, from the village of Amoy the highest orders a day up to hundreds of thousands, these orders are through us in every rural village of Taobao partners, to help farmers purchasing such a single gain, rural consumption category is not single. Even sold the latest 4 65 inch tv. The rural consumption scope, far more than we can think of the consumption potential."

Zhang Yong pointed out that the rural Taobao partner is Ali rural ecological strategy an important part, "we hope that each village has a village born entrepreneur, he can become a partner in this village, to become the representative of the village, can make a contribution to the economic development of the village, the old village the people’s living standards improve welfare, can bring the best goods all over the world to the village, and the village of the best goods and services to the world."

is not only Taobao Tmall sales of products, open shop, the rural economy is fully docking Alibaba ecosystem. Zhang Yong pointed out that Ali will travel to explore the potential of rural tourism, the ant payment service will try to send to the countryside every family to pay Bao microfinance, to provide financial services for farmers, Ali communications will solve the rural development of mobile Internet: rigid demand for prepaid payment.

Zhang Yong bluntly, in the practice of rural electricity supplier Ali a year, a lot of surprising, "we have a lot of such material, he built his house to the village inside a one family house, many of them from the Internet to buy. One of the things most exaggerated, we also sell a pavilion, he built outside the house there is a pavilion, he took the pavilion he bought from the internet. One day we found a place to buy online five thousand trash? Why? He is a region in order to improve the appearance of the city, he will put new trash, is actually a government procurement, efficiency and cost of such savings is obviously the. This is a mirror, showing the changes in the face of the rural economy of e-commerce." (Warriors)

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very happy this afternoon, we are here to hold the second County E-commerce