Domain name for the first time on the non ndo European word Chinese open support in 11 languages

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station network according to Sina Technology News Beijing on October 12th news, starting Monday, users can participate in the test of 11 kinds of language support. Non Indo European word spelling, including simplified Chinese, Russian, Hindi, Japanese, etc..

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is responsible for the management of the domain name of the Internet domain name and site Distribution Agency (ICANN) said on Monday at the start of the website domain name suffix ( test in 11 languages, such as.Com and org can now be displayed in Chinese or japanese. Although Icann agreed to open the domain name system to other languages as early as seven years ago, there are many technical and political problems in the specific implementation of the program, resulting in delays have been implemented. The new international domain name is still based on ASCII code, but rely on the software will be converted into non Rome characters ASCII code.

for example, the Russians will be completely in Russian in the Cyril spelling. In the future, without having to change English letter suffix at. International domain name standards makers, California programmer Paul · (Hoffman) said that now there are 1 billion internet users in the world, which means that there are no internet access to 5 billion people, (Paul). The new domain name is not ready for today’s Internet users, but for the future of the 1 billion prepared.

‘s domain name registration company that has been enabled for the new domain name ready, looking forward to the new domain name once passed to a windfall. Responsible for the registration of.Com and.Net domain name VeriSign company revealed that the number of domain names are currently growing rapidly, the number of domain names in the second quarter of this year compared with the same period last year, an increase of 31%. Most of the domain names are in the national code suffix, such as China’s ".Cn" domain name more than a year ago increased by more than three times.