Buy site delicious sister financing million official website 3 fight domain name stand out

renamed Chinese ( December 11th – the day before, a group purchase website "Shantou local delicious sister" in the A round of financing, successfully obtained 15 million of the amount of financing, the official website three spell domain name in group purchase website talent shows itself thousands of war in.

figure: Delicious sister

it is reported that the "good girl" is an Internet provider group purchase Shantou local delicacy, set up in 2009 by the share platform evolved, due to local customer resources and user experience, good sister in 2011 thousands of war still healthy operation. Today, the sister of the registered members to reach more than 300 thousand people, more than 100 thousand of the daily page visits, the cumulative customer consumption of 5 million people.

delicious sister official website is enabled in 2009 registered three spell domain name Prior to this, the same is the three fight domain name delicious cat to the price of 5 digits was acquired by a terminal in Chongqing. While in the earlier, three pieces of "good stuff" sold 6 digits, is to build a shared platform, brewmaster network also bought three spell domain name

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