FTA’s first cross border electricity supplier platform will be cheaper than the counter on the line

– the new express reporter Han Zhen

As one of the project

first settled in the FTA test area, the test run is the national pilot cross-border electronic trade transaction only in Shanghai City — "cross-border e-commerce platform, just wait for acceptance by the General Administration of customs can be running on the line. Cross border positioning high-end goods, the price of their goods compared with the domestic counter price, generally at least 30% cheaper. Investment adviser senior researcher Xue Shengwen said that with the establishment of cross-border communication, China’s cross-border electricity supplier business in the future will be legalized, standardized.

Coach, Burberry and other brands have settled in

it is understood that the "cross-border" is one of the first batch of 25 enterprises settled in the FTA, the project by the Oriental payment limited company to undertake construction and operation, with the support of the completion of the Shanghai customs customs clearance system construction. Oriental payment is by the East Port Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai information investment Limited by Share Ltd and Shanghai billion Logistics Co., Ltd. jointly funded the establishment of the third party public electronic payment platform.

, according to Wang Peng, general manager of Oriental payment, cross-border positioning platform positioning high-end goods, including clothing, clothing, baby supplies, 3C electronic products, cosmetics, bags and other six categories of popular categories.

at present, cross-border test platform has CK, Coach, Burberry and other foreign brands, support Fedex, Beijing Mingbang express two logistics, and has been with the China UnionPay, Shanghai bank, Minsheng Bank to cooperate.

cross-border pass to take the form of bonded bonded imports plus individual purchase, warehouse to individual direct sales model. "Simply put, cross border is more like a legitimate formal model of purchasing goods imported goods, such as sea Amoy platform, the future will continue to standardize." An electricity supplier who declined to be named told reporters.

consumers need real name authentication

reporter learned from the cross platform on the platform, each product on the platform, in addition to the price of the goods themselves, but also marked import tariffs and logistics costs. Comprehensive comparison, through cross-border hang out foreign goods than domestic counter price is generally cheaper than 30%. Some analysts pointed out that cross-border links in order to ensure the source of foreign foundation, can achieve reduce logistics costs, the current "cross-border" delivery of goods from the United States, three or four days to reach the hands of Chinese buyers.

it is understood that cross-border goods through the customs clearance has been paid before the "post tax". Customs clearance at the airport, the staff of the customs verification of the cross border on the unique two-dimensional bar code on the goods, it will be arranged to take the green channel.

, in addition, "cross-border" also requires all the shops in the country have to assume or be responsible for after-sales service branches. On the platform, all the businesses are required to go through the customs filing, consumers can get the appropriate tax receipts. At the same time, the platform is realized through the management of the whole process

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