Comment why the domestic nternet scalping so much

for business management, how to further financing is their top priority, in this sense, the brush off is their temporary allies. This situation in the past two years, venture capital, PE environment, the more intense.

according to the Beijing News reported that a large number of occupation is the use of software vulnerabilities brush single O2O, single through the brush to grab high subsidies, some platforms even acquiesced brushes, because a single brush can make trading data inflated, beneficial to the corporate financing.

Internet companies to explore the business model of the course, the relationship with the user has gone through three stages. The first stage is to copy the traditional business model to the internet. But the success rate is not high, in addition to the operator’s SP, games and other fields, mostly infeasible. Subsequently, the anti-virus software, such as free provision, making the business model into second stages: free mode. Free can effectively kill competitors, in the wool out of the pig, the logic of guidance, free has become the main mode of Internet service in the past ten years.

this time, they realized the Internet game player characteristics of Internet services, the scale effect of the user is the Holy Grail, the value of a platform depends on the number of users, the square or even exponential relationship. And each of the segments of the Internet, and finally only a few players can be the first, and the first to occupy the market share of the big head.

from the result of market competition to push down an Internet enterprise to be successful, regardless of the cost to acquire customers, and allow users to maintain the frequency of use, the free mode is too slow, the subsidy users become the main mode of O2O era.

, however, such as UBER, a global Internet company, in the expansion of foreign markets, the phenomenon has not become a single brush to expand its market, one of the main obstacles. Why domestic Internet companies are frequently encountered off scalping problem? This is of course a reason for Internet companies default, as others have pointed out, the Internet enterprise business, for corporate management, how to further financing is their primary task, in this sense, brush off is their temporary allies. This situation in the past two years, venture capital, PE environment, the more intense.

‘s previous single brush off the main in Taobao, the Jingdong to force electricity suppliers to the main resources of the Internet business is advertising, good advertising means traffic, which means the income, in order to maintain a single brush ranking, grab a good advertisement. There is no serious conflict of interest between the electricity supplier and brush off a single passenger, but also benefit from the brush, so we are cooperative relations.

O2O brush and electricity supplier is different. O2O make a single brush is O2O money, this money subsidies to users, access to customer and maintain customer loyalty on the platform of O2O, single brush enterprises, may have some benefits, such as increasing the amount of data, but more is bad, customers earn more single brush that means the O2O enterprise spent money does not reach the effect.

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