Tmall tax This is to the business of life

Tmall tax has become a reality, Shanghai Minhang District has several interviews in Shandong, Heze, the city of Guilin has started, still not sure before we go last week about tax bureau is really determined, so my parents continue to doubt your doubts, continue your innocence, to the illusion of Kazakhstan ~

It is said that the

tax bureau to pull in Tmall to today’s Alipay water, Tmall settled in time, selling, scalping, Tmall from the shop to now tens of millions of sales should be a lot more sellers, sellers billion sales, that want to repay it, it only apply directly for the collapse of… It can’t apply for the closure of jail? Jumping?


can’t imagine, it feels like a horror movie.

are many businesses start empty-handed venture, the Tmall margin is not easy, to pay the high cost of train promotion, all kinds of expenses, various kinds of overhead system, now make up all across the board, there are a few tax, the Tmall shop can bear, although the tax is the obligation of every citizen, but not all, at least there should be a reasonable tax policy, the electricity supplier had profit is not high, a variety of price war, all kinds of peibenzhuanyaohe sales, according to the current tax policy is no way to do it. But Taobao is not purchase 90% basic input it, can not help but sigh 42% tax is too scary!

2015.4.26 Shanghai, the seller sent a picture for reference only, true or not judge for yourself! Don’t mouth running train that others cheat you, fool you have no money, don’t make two


is now known to area:

1 Shanghai Minhang District (Shanghai temporarily on)

2 Shandong, Heze (as far as the rest of Shandong is already starting)

3 Guilin (Guilin has issued an inspection notice)

The current tax situation:

small-scale sales in accordance with the%4 supplement

general taxpayers in accordance with the sales of%17+ corporate income tax%25, because there is no cost tax ticket to the approved%5, that is, sales of%23

current question: whether to apply for bankruptcy if there is no way to fill the situation

tax would be a foregone conclusion, Shandong Heze dozens in subsidies, tax exists many unreasonable places.

First, no enterprise

line is not reasonable tax invoice with conditions, Tmall is not in accordance with the water. At least 5 times higher than the entity;

second, Tmall has a lot of businesses have a single brush ratio, or low-cost loss to the third party activities;

third, a lot of Tmall have no input VAT ticket, no one to play.

hope that the early introduction of national electricity supplier tax policy, or we open the cat and >

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