Create a bastion of multi point put relentless Beijing egg milk the cheapest

fortress, it is self-evident solid. What is an electricity supplier fortress, goods or services in the electricity supplier has been killed into a red sea, want to form their own fortress is probably not easy.

at this time, a more "must buy" list is Beijing circle of friends circulated inside be in full swing, egg, milk, vegetables and meat, 20 a variety of commodities, the main products at the lowest price in Beijing, forming a group of essential commodities table fortress.

day before, more formally issued the "good goods good price afraid than afternoon, please user supervision" must buy "list price. Today, are you



Beijing will buy list

July 21st, more quietly on the line a must buy list, which covers eggs, milk, vegetables, meat and other essential items for each meal.

According to the multi point

, "must buy" list of the main Beijing superior price, as long as the capital than to buy "list" items with cheap price, more will continue to cut prices; at the same time, also welcome more user supervision, to provide low-cost clues. Good goods are not afraid of a good price, which is more than the point to build a fortress slogan.

and this is not a little more prompted by a sudden impulse. Fortress goods is more than a point of the internal activities of the term, intended to stick to, fixed, reflecting the determination to build a multi brand." Multi point relevant responsible person said, the list will continue to do it, until the formation of the Beijing area to buy more eggs, to buy more milk, the word of mouth so far.

chose the essential ingredients of ordinary people on the table as a bastion of goods, from the side reflects more user groups is around you and me, the most common needs of ordinary users, every day on the table of small happy little better, are made of many points to ensure.

low prices will lead to low quality, which is the problem of all users worry. In this regard, the reporter click more "must buy" list, the list of goods for many well-known brands, such as egg, milk and other DQY Zhengda; such as Mengniu, Yili, three yuan. Multi point relevant person in charge also said: to ensure the quality is the first, which is the basis of price war."

Fort merchandise will be the core competitiveness of

launched fortress goods, can be described as more significant point.

since its inception in April 2015, has covered 6 million more users, especially in the Beijing market performance is even more remarkable, quickly take cities and seize territory relying on the powerful advantages of Wumart group, as of June 30, 2016, there are nearly 3 million 530 thousand users.

, however, has been the main push cheap, but has not formed their own fortress products, and thus difficult to give users a fixed impression.

"Fortress goods will be more on the core competitiveness, with.

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