n the face of black derivative we can not see his circle of friends

now, open the circle of friends of WeChat, can always meet a few to sell products, do sales of friends". With the expansion of this micro business groups, many people have expressed their circle of friends has become a marketing circle. Previously, many people always despise friends love of self, love the feeling, estimates now, would rather see friends such feelings expression, also don’t want to see them every day is cold advertising. Originally cooked to share the circle of life, gradually become a product sales platform. In addition to not see his circle of friends ", we really have no choice?

WeChat circle of friends: a gradual chain

WeChat’s initial circle of friends, mostly friends to share their lives, sentiment, then, it is an intimate acquaintance with a more intimate sharing platform. Gradually, many people began to make some friends crazy Shuabing behavior, the high frequency self refresh, uninterrupted, have bombarded piece square, has spread around the chicken soup. Then later, the circle of friends quietly more than selling things, advertising, marketing and other commercial activities. Friends of his life was nowhere to be found, it is simple and crude, the direct selling business. In the face of this situation, but you can only estimate the choice of silence to shield the so-called friends. Through "do not look at his circle of friends" to seek the purification of the circle of friends. As many users sigh, circle of friends is now not a circle of friends, it has become a business circle.

sell things is not terrible, terrible is the heart of fake


is similar to many countries in the social platform, in fact, we have a high degree of tolerance for this type of micro business. In Japan, Australia and other countries, social software is basically limited to the exchange of information between friends, sharing circle of friends, not to mention, not to mention the use of circle of friends to do business. Some attention to privacy, strong sense of self safety, and not how the online shopping, if you find a circle of friends began to buy and sell behavior, the general choice of shielding the. This is, of course, the simplest and most direct solution. But for some people who are accustomed to online consumption, WeChat circle of acquaintances in the friends of low-cost marketing, how much will make their hearts.

if a friend is indeed a number of well-known goods to do the sale of WeChat platform, or through their own overseas relations, to sell some quality products, that more than one way to buy, it is not a bad thing. But on the WeChat platform is more of a number of unknown small brands, they are purchasing through the first level, forming a marketing team, and these products and there are a lot of quality problems. Recently in the media exposure of the mask micro business chaos, is a typical example. Three products, two months can be forged international big image, near pyramid style marketing mode, almost disfigured consumer victims…… black micro business, public opinion was pushed in the teeth of the storm.

In the face of black

derivative, brave said to use legal means not

on the WeChat platform, not suffered sinister derivative nature is best, but if >

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