At the end of a surge in business express delivery industry must break the chronic variable temper

Spring Festival is approaching, the courier is undoubtedly another spring of the battlefield. With the full warehouse express have served the owner hands, courier companies began to leave. Those consumers are accustomed to express service convenience, in the Spring Festival can still safely sit in front of the computer, click the mouse, the love items in the bag? Recently, the reporter visited the major courier companies in Nanning city.

years ago to express variable chronic

Ms. Chen

the people of Nanning are aware from the Spring Festival this year began to change. She is a frequent visitor to Taobao, in the past in the online shopping, the city is basically the day of delivery or order can be sent to second days, usually received in different places for third days. However, near the Spring Festival, she bought a coat on the Internet, shipped from Wuhan in January 20th, 3 days later, she learned that the coat has not sent Hubei. After she found on the Internet can not query the state of the express, call customer service phone has been busy. As for the whereabouts of her coat concerns, Taobao online bulletin to make her understand the reason: in view of "critical", at the end of the courier service 3 days express about the seller after delivery, express needs 6 ~ 10 days, the buyers please take care. It was not until January 31st that she received her coat. Ms. Chen said, had wanted to wear new clothes during the new year, and now it seems that I can only wait years later, this time online shopping is a mistake".


express courier industry performance in the delay is "one of the problems during the Spring Festival express".

Spring Festival, Hebei, Tangshan, Mr. Kim to Nanning on business. In the meantime, he bought 18 bottles of a brand of wine, want to check back home. A private courier company to accept the business. To this end, Mr. Kim paid 516 yuan express manual and packaging fees.

however, when Mr. Kim took part in the on-site inspection found that 3 bottles of wine broken, the rest of the wine packaging box was soaked, he immediately refused to express. But with the express company negotiated several times, the final answer is not paid, and said 5 days do not sign, on the back of the shipment, the cost incurred by mr.. In desperation, Mr. Kim signed the wine. After he complained to the business sector, and was accepted, but has not yet been compensated.

The Consumer Council issued a consumer alert

, an industry source said that before the Spring Festival is the peak of consumer online shopping, many consumers online to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival and gifts, the number of online shopping and express the rapid growth; the weather, the road is blocked, the logistics pressure increases, the shipment backlog continues to make limited inventory, manpower shortage express company "one disaster after another". At present, many private courier companies still use manual screening to express, in the primitive means to cope with the flood peak express tide, is tantamount to an utterly inadequate measure, but also very easily lead to delay the shipment of damaged or lost.

according to the Guangxi Consumer Council complaints department director Tan Guoxiao introduced, according to the complaint before the Spring Festival of the situation, the main problems of the consumers for the courier industry complaints are: overlord terms for any delay or damage, express courier company to express lost, compensation.

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