WAL MART two day how horrible Amazon can’t sit still

in recent years, WAL-MART and Amazon’s "tear force" has been stopped, in view of the Amazon in the retail business in a strong position, "copycat king" WAL-MART "let go", no less — all kinds of copycat Amazon but this time, Amazon turn to carry.


2016, WAL-MART came to build a system similar to the Amazon gold member (Prime) subscription system (Subscription Model), but at that time, WAL-MART’s main emphasis is on an annual fee of $49 for $99 on amazon.

recently, when we see the WAL-MART acquisition of the electricity supplier website Jet.com, and the appointment of its chief executive Marc Lore for WAL-MART America business CEO, saw the old supermarket online at the upper end of the force, that is launched Amazon like "two day delivery service, but also in the traditional physical store blessing WAL-MART, the two days but more terror.

since Amazon launched the "two days" after the service, it has been the traditional retailers pressed out of breath, not that they cannot realize the distribution, but Amazon directly subvert the user’s mind to express the expected spectrum to a certain "– never delivered within two days".

of course, so cool experience is certainly not free, Amazon will be two days and their gold membership system tied together, as long as the user to pay an annual fee of $99 a year, in terms of the purchase can enjoy the delivery within 2 days, and there is no minimum purchase amount limit.

for non member users, only in the amount of $49 ($35) to enjoy free shipping – to wait for 5-7 working days Oh!

January 31, 2017, WAL-MART finally to scare about the Amazon, as long as the order amount more than $35, users can enjoy free two days – about 2000000 in total current commodity — and I don’t need to put what subscription system, pay the annual membership fee



WAL-MART’s official website home page

in fact, WAL-MART has been the electricity supplier, has its own logistics and distribution system – has just been living under the shadow of amazon. WAL-MART said, before the payment of $49 annual subscription membership system WAL-MART ShippingPass users, WAL-MART will also refund.

at this relatively early stage, we feel that we can not allow users to pay to become a member, Marc Lore said.


WAL-MART on the official website to explain in detail the ">

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