The promotion of e commerce credit who stood on the tip

near the end of 2011, Christmas, new year’s day and then not far away from the Spring Festival, so that e-commerce circles abnormal boiling, the major electronic mall is full of horsepower for the final sprint. As the Christmas promotion curtain first opened, a new round of the promotion war like a raging fire,

triggered at any moment!

has been, with convenient logistics and price advantage, the market share of e-commerce accounted for in the traditional business, is to Liaoyuanzhishi from the sparks of fire. Ten years of development, ten years of toil, China e-commerce achieved today is not easy, but in the electricity supplier in the field of enterprise how bitter, how much blood and sweat. In a brilliant surface, e-commerce is not a peaceful, he is ultimately a business, full of competition and fighting, brutal price war was ruthlessly introduced, and at the outset to successfully promote the brand evolution of electronic commerce.

in order to be able to occupy a place in this fertile land, the price war has never been an opponent. They are not militant, to survive in this harsh environment, we must accept the challenge, but also more brutal than the opponent. They have a huge discount to attract traffic quality promotion a year more than a year, from the past 50% to 300%, all businesses seem to become a living Lei feng.

was crazy to attract consumers, for various promotional activities of the festival, also let the business enterprise sales performance gorgeous, more and more businesses to participate in the Festival Promotion ranks, careful planning of each point. "Singles day" is a typical case. a singles sales first, last year the 900 million traded price to attract major electricity supplier giant eyes. Jingdong, Dangdang, Suning, continue to force this year, further promotion, price preferential turnover 3 billion 400 million There was no parallel in history., a record high, this year is the day performance quite satisfactory.

but the scenery on the surface, in fact, hide more risks. More and more commercial enterprises blindly seek to attract the eye care for this and lose that, the price, quality, price, logistics and distribution problems, false return problem is emerge in an endless stream so that consumers in the carnival, fall into the Momin distress, really sesame lost watermelon. If only the advertised price concessions, and ignore the value of consumer demand for commodities, as consumers are increasingly able to find out the business routines and the tricky, big promotion is only the means that businesses.

sales, is a business enterprise the future integrity of the

on heel!

consumers back enough to cause business thinking, if a huge discount price is to bring consumers more consumer distress, when low consumption become a burden, will have more users to give online shopping, and the regression line? Business enterprise has no right to test consumer patience, credit and brand, it needs to establish long-term process destroy it, just for a second. We hope that the business enterprise can collective reflection, whether you need to stand in the promotion of e-commerce on the tip, the integrity of the future of e-commerce should be rational.

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