Ministry of Commerce to study the liberalization of foreign investors in the field of electricity su

January 9th, deputy director of the Ministry of Commerce Foreign Investment Management Division Chou Guangling in the daily economic news reporter, said the study is currently open to foreign investment in the field of e-commerce business.

iResearch data show that in the third quarter of 2013 China online shopping market transactions was 454 billion 760 million yuan, compared with 2012 growth of 42.4% over the same period; from the online shopping market share, Tmall accounted for 51.1% in the B2C market, Jingdong market share of 17.5%, Amazon Chinese market share of 2.6%, shop No. 1 market share of 2.7%.

as a result of e-commerce company’s business is very extensive, may involve network sales, online payment, software development, Internet management and other services. Therefore, for foreign investment in e-commerce company’s access policy, also need to interpret from multiple levels.

In the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee

proposed relaxation of investment access, unified domestic and foreign laws and regulations, maintain the foreign policy of a stable, transparent and predictable, and promote financial, education, culture, health and other services ordered open, release nursery pension, architectural design, accounting, auditing, trade logistics, e-commerce and other services sector further liberalization of foreign access restrictions general manufacturing.

investment in these industries to open up the study is the work of the Ministry of commerce is being carried out.

Chou Guangling said, now there is no specific timetable for release, the Ministry of commerce is in conjunction with the relevant state ministries and commissions to study together, these industries have sorted out the restrictions on foreign policy, on whether to cancel or break the existing restrictions. For example, she said, telecommunications, logistics restrictions on foreign capital to be phased out.

at present, the proportion of foreign investment in e-commerce transactions can not be more than 50%, in the Shanghai free trade zone and CEPA, the proportion of foreign investment in the electricity supplier has increased, but not more than 55%. Chou Guangling said that the Ministry of commerce is under study, there is also the possibility of a breakthrough, it may be completely liberalized.

unified foreign investment laws and regulations of foreign three law amendments have been included in the twelve National People’s Congress Standing Committee for the past five years, the legislative plan of the two categories. The Ministry of commerce is responsible for drafting the draft law.

due to foreign investment, foreign joint ventures, Sino foreign cooperative foreign three methods as early as in the "company law", "Securities Law" and "contract law", there is a conflict part of the terms of foreign three methods with the "company law". As a result, the state will consider a unified domestic and foreign companies, the company law or other laws.

in addition, there will be restrictions on the scope of foreign investment will be carried out security review.

Chou Guangling said that Shanghai FTA reform of foreign investment management system of a negative list of national treatment and access to the front of the main, and other subsequent approval of the FTA in foreign investment access will also use the negative list mode, but each FTA may be due to the characteristics of different industries, exploring tests are also different.


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