Ma Yun capital is always uncle foreign investment will not control Alibaba


Alibaba board chairman Ma

sina science and technology news on October 12th morning news, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma for the first time to control the event. In today’s China Computer Conference, Ma said that although foreign investment is a major shareholder of Alibaba control, but foreign investment will not control Alibaba, they will control the future of Alibaba.

Ma Yun said, I want to be grateful. No capital, the development of Alibaba may not be so smooth, but there is no such person’s capital, as well as his or his capital. But if we do not have the value of the system, there is no staff dribs and drabs, no grasp of the future and social gratitude, it is impossible to have our Alibaba. We will not give up, but to do anything, must be reasonable, legal, compliance, and reasonable."

recently raised concerns about the issue of Alibaba control. Since the Alibaba signed an agreement with the United States five years ago: in October 2010, YAHOO will have the largest equity rights of Alibaba group and Ma Yun and other management as many seats. This agreement, the industry believes that it is possible to let Ma Yun and other management team lost control of the Alibaba. The day before, Alibaba proposed holding back some shares of YAHOO, but YAHOO was rejected.

Ma Yun said: I firmly believe that the move is: the capital can only be to earn profits, the capitalists are always uncle, you are the parents of this enterprise, you have to grasp the future of the enterprise. Shareholders will always be the third place, he (referring to the capital) is always uncle, buy milk powder is not enough money to borrow a little." He disclosed that he had at least 30 VC Alibaba start-up investment, because they require the control of Alibaba.

Ma Yun also said that the change in his strength only the user and the team, the views of shareholders can listen, but in the end is their own decision. "I must be the needs of the consumers, this is the first; second I must be on my team, my colleague told me that something is wrong, I will be very serious stop to listen to (do); shareholders say wrong, you speak clearly, I listen to. Finally, I decide." (Luo Liang)