Office part time open shop when his boss is not a dream

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a lot of friends would like to open a shop, but did not have any experience, do not know how to do that? Are you still hesitating outside, I understand your feelings now, here are some of the Taobao open shop of my heart, and share with you! Please open shop shop consulting mentor QQ:2813217134

first, thank you very much for viewing this post. This post is a full-time mother of 80 after the success of the Taobao story. Hope to help you!

stay-at-home mom often guilt and tangled, because in the eyes of others, we wasted our hard won degree, no professional training to make good use of our talents and accepted in the community self-reliance; although we know they do stay-at-home mom have an inestimable role to develop character of the next generation, but every day we servant like hard work and achievements can not get any certification or reward; on the other hand, the workplace mother is also very guilty, because they didn’t have too much time and love the children to be together, can only entrust their children to take care of others; they are need to rely on to survive, some are need to work to prove their talent and education, there is only enough to get a sense of achievement through work.

and stay-at-home mom working mothers can not able to take care of the children and to play their own, make your life rich, there is no way out.


approach is to Human effort is the decisive factor., out of their own, my colleague’s wife is stay-at-home mom. She is doing this, you can refer to:

stay-at-home mom need to take care of the children don’t have much time, so she decided to open a shop on the Internet to do not know what to do, the real thing, to find sources, to decoration, but also to deliver what the. Need more time, and finally decided to do a software agent, is automatically recharge so you can save a lot of time. After what she want to do, first in the Taobao registered a shop, and then after a period of study and exploration, the shop has been opened up, and very well done, now not only has a very substantial income, there are some people with the Taobao group of friends, lived a very rich colorful, children are taken good care of.

had to hand clothes, eat a ready-cooked meal at home, who are the "master", "Princess" after 80, now most has been upgraded to a "beautiful young mother, handsome dad". Of course, I am no exception, have their own baby daughter. The birth of her daughter to come home with endless joy, but happy as if mixed with pressure, and may be most mothers, with the baby after the original work to make the sacrifice, work is resigned, but the pressure of life will increase, so the chin wanted to find a part-time job since what. Take care of the baby and can make money subsidies home, then went to the Taobao business, really did not expect Taobao a year to harvest or >