42 million 500 thousand pieces Jingdong 3C 11 11 sales to new highs

24:00 on November 11, 2016, 11 days of Jingdong 3C eleven double ended, mobile phone communications, computer office, intelligent digital three category overall sales exceeded 42 million 500 thousand, a new record high! The complete mobile phone sales of 4 million 340 thousand units, computer office completed sales of 17 million 280 thousand, completed sales of 20 million 880 thousand intelligent digital entertainment and travel books; in addition the same life the rapid growth of

, made a lot of success!


report from the overall data, mobile phone sales is still eye-catching. November 1st -11 11, Jingdong mobile communications overall sales of $4 million 340 thousand. HUAWEI glory, millet, Apple + all Jingdong mobile phone sales top three, Meizu, Samsung, LETV, 360, OPPO, ZTE Nubia, followed by. While sales of the top ten brands are Apple, HUAWEI, Samsung, millet, Glory + OPPO, Meizu, LETV, Nubian, 360, vivo. In the meantime, Note3, iPhone7, Apple red rice millet Note4 red rice millet, glory 8, glory play 5C, Apple iPhone7, millet red rice 3S Plus, Apple iPhone6 Plus, glory play 5, glory play 5A this ten single product popular mobile phone into a Jingdong selling models. Can be seen as a mobile phone Internet brand, glory shine in the double eleven this year’s performance is


user attention to the most popular mobile phone products are TOP 10, Apple iPhone 6S Note3 red rice millet, Meizu Charm Blue note3, millet 5, millet 3, red rice Apple iPhone 6S, Plus 5X, Apple iPhone7, glory play glory 8, Apple iPhone 6. In addition, the major manufacturers of hot PK, with the price range of star products to seize the heights, millet red rice 3S and red rice millet Note3 won 0-699 yuan, 700-999 yuan price of mobile phone sales champion of a single product, 1000-1499 yuan, 1500-1999 yuan price of mobile phone sales champion of a single product is millet red rice Note4, glory smooth play 2000-2999 yuan, 6X, 3000-3999 yuan price of mobile phone sales champion of a single product by the glory of 8 and Apple Plus off iPhone6 crown, 4000 yuan more than the price of mobile phone sales champion of a single product is Apple iPhone7.

computer office at the Jingdong 3C double eleven also shine, 11 days cumulative sales success exceeded 17 million 280 thousand items. Among them, the overall sales of 650 thousand laptops, Lenovo, DELL, ASUS, ThinkPad, HP, Apple, Shenzhou, Samsung, mechanical revolution, Acer brand top ten. The top five desktop sales were Lenovo, >