Shopping can win free single mall started to enjoy the gift 360 Festival Promotion

Double Ninth Festival, and weighing Nine Festival, autumn sun Festival and the "autumn riding", is a traditional festival of the Han people, is one of the four ancestor worship Festival 1989, festival will be as the festival this year, the Double Ninth Festival time is October 21st. To commemorate the festival this year, 360 special mall held a Thanksgiving heart thank you "as the theme of the Festival Promotion activities.

the Chongyang special start time for the morning of October 20th 10 to the end of October 22nd, the activities include shopping to win free single, single sun to send gifts, the most affordable price straight down three sections, at the same time, 360 special artifact droplets, night vision version 360 children’s Guardian pendant version and 360 lines of car recorder and other products the opening of panic buying, let us understand in detail the specific content of each activity.


is the first shopping to win free single event, during the event, will extract 20 effective order free single activities every day, three days a total of 60 free places, it seems it is time to time character of the fight ", if you are in the 360 mall in the long long time favorite goods during the Double Ninth Festival will believe is a very good time order.

as intelligent hardware game player stronghold 360 mall in the forum, Chongyang Festival also prepared for you a lot of good gifts during the event at the designated post reply in order screenshots that have access to participate in the sun. Prizes including 360 safety strip, 360 security router P0 360 mall Leonard +360 mall mouse pad, if you have orders in Chongyang, so don’t forget to go to the forum to sun oh.


in addition to the above character to fight links, retain essential part of the price concessions but also every special activities, including home theater nuts G1-CS smart straight down the price was as high as 200 yuan, in addition, nut intelligent look for drop proof patch, new intelligent wireless game controller, intelligent wireless headset, magic motion listen and listen to the car treasure of cassava the water meter also have varying degrees of price concessions.

in addition to the above 360 of these intelligent hardware products, our mobile phone, mobile phone ultimate 360 youth version of our God and God, Note3 F2 four mobile phone products will also open in panic buying activities, pay attention to these products friends may wish to look at the mall 360.

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