Rapid growth of e commerce transactions MRO rapid development of industrial products network

with the advent of the information age, more and more enterprises began to seek new business opportunities. E-commerce came into being, the development of today, has a tremendous influence and promote the role of. How to choose their own business model, has become the focus of the current financial crisis in various enterprises to strive for the development of the top priority.

e-commerce transactions grew rapidly

said at the Fuzhou Chinese Ministry of Commerce Deputy Director of information technology Nie Linhai before the financial crisis provides a rare opportunity for development is to Chinese e-commerce industry, last year’s total Chinese e-commerce transactions exceeded 3 trillion yuan, an increase of more than 4. Like the 2003 "SARS" electronic commerce provides an opportunity for development, since last year, the international financial crisis, the world economy into a "winter", but also provides a rare development opportunity for electronic commerce.

impact of the financial crisis, although the large enterprises temporarily bogged down, but even so, the development of electronic commerce still showed a rapid upward trend, largely because of the integration of network sales transactions, there is no shop cost limit, the network prices will inevitably lower than similar products, and the plight of the enterprise is the need for such high quality and inexpensive products to the production and development, both sides can benefit, this is the reason why electronic commerce has always been favored by enterprises. High efficiency, low cost, huge returns, which is the development of e-commerce opportunities for both buyers and sellers.

e-commerce brings development opportunities

according to the survey, in 2008, China’s e-commerce transactions amounted to 3 trillion and 100 billion yuan, an increase of more than 2007 by 43%. In the current economic situation, the use of e-commerce in the survival of SMEs is much better than the use of traditional mode of enterprise. The relevant statistics show that in the financial crisis, not the use of the electronic commerce enterprises bogged down the proportion of 84.2%, while the use of electronic commerce enterprises bogged down at the rate of 16.8%.

shows that e-commerce is not only to the plight of the enterprise has brought hope, but also to the enterprise ushered in their two spring, so that the rapid development of the economy. The development of China MRO industrial network that can reflect the rapid development of electronic commerce in recent years, according to its founder, Mr. Tian said: just a few years time, the electronic commerce let him become the layman expert network business and sales, creating a MRO industrial path of e-commerce, but also people gradually know, now China MRO industrial network, has become the most influential MRO Chinese industrial product distribution website. Every month there are nearly 60% of the total amount of industrial products are completed in China MRO industrial products online, has become a real leader, all of which have to benefit from the development opportunities brought by e-commerce.

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