Aunt Kitty the father of Chaike hard to force rich two generation of entrepreneurs

firewood is not shy about his "two rich generation" identity, in the beginning of this year we meet when it comes to their past, naturally talked about his father’s business experience. He is the father of entrepreneurial deeds infected him? Why he chose not to take the money at home, do not go to the family business and their own business? His start on the road which had


firewood can, Guizhou people, twenty-six years old this year, a hard to force, and the future is full of vision of entrepreneurs.

Chai’s childhood may be similar to that of every child of a family of intellectuals, that is, in 80s, a lack of knowledge led to an intellectual income far below that of the buyer. But when I was in elementary school, Chai had shown an unusual side. He is one of the most common primary school, according to his own words, "almost is a primary school in the city of Guiyang in the worst conditions", he referred to himself as the primary school in the "wonderful", in our chat, he used two times this somewhat negative meaning of words describe yourself. He was in the primary school is odd, because of his excellent, he attended a welcome the return of Hongkong national writing contest in the three or four grade, won the first prize, a bonus of ten thousand yuan, a huge sum of money. When all the students in a school principal to the sixth grade of the face, asked him to take the money to do what he said, compulsory duty bound to the hope project. He said that he will soon have a little regret, but the situation at the time, can only say so, in such a small age will say so in line with the conditions of the Chinese answer, and he was very poor family conditions.

this is not only a brilliant story of firewood primary school experience, he was another primary invention of the game, invented a baby bed, as long as the baby is shaking, baby car will send a mother tape. A factory in Zhejiang will soon launch the baby bed, can leave firewood only honor.

‘s father, who has resigned from the University for 95 years, started his own business. To help him remember on the first day of the time every day to go to his father’s yard, do some primary work to the second day their home is the most expensive in the Guiyang area to buy a big house, opened the window you can see the sights of Guiyang "jiaxiulou". He also no longer need to go to the factory helper.

The improvement of

family conditions, and did not bring too much change to firewood, he said, his father has been very strict demands on him, his father asked him to write a diary every day from elementary school has been written in the third. Occasionally pick him up from school, the car will be open to several other places outside the school gate, to avoid firewood can produce a sense of superiority in the school.

high school, home to him to arrange a private high school in Beijing, called in the school, a famous school of foreign reserve nobility, firewood can be second times as "wonderful", this is odd because of his poor "". In addition to his dad tuition and accommodation, every month to pay him three hundred yuan, he felt it was a huge sum of money at the time, but now he knew the money in 02>

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