Traditional enterprises difficult transformation electricity supplier Road money and people’s pain

from "look down, look not clear, cannot read", to "Miss", in the face of fear of the rise of the electricity supplier, the bright younger generation impact, the traditional enterprise Internet have been suffering anxiety. In order to cure the anxiety, the past two years, N traditional enterprise into the electricity supplier tide regardless of personal danger.

indeed, big change has already begun. Often have Haier, Suning and other giants occupy the newspapers, television, new media, all run, pointing Jiangshan, show "best picture to change the traditional electricity supplier" brings.

but more people overlook is surrounded by traditional business transformation, hard. For them, not necessarily die, do business, do business, may die, but there is also the possibility of rebirth. For this hope, they are constantly in the way of positive solutions of electric shock for the electricity supplier, they have to face the contradiction, is triggered by various changxin.

there is no doubt that the electricity supplier set foot on the road, is the beginning of a difficult and no end point of the marathon, injured, fix it and continue on the road, there is hope ahead; if completely down, it will mean the end of everything. Electric road is "electric injury", the survival of the fittest, passed away, survival of the fittest in natural selection had been.

earned or lost

almost all of the traditional businesses "electric shock", the most basic, the most primitive desire is still the flow of dividends, with a bit of the world information Tongdui, across the gap of time and space on the world of atoms.

is either the boss is too powerful, a strategic vision, the layout of the electricity supplier began early, or forced, inventory pressure is too large, forced to launch electricity supplier." Wang Qian told reporters that she was responsible for the company’s online trader A business, the company has been operating under the brand clothing online for more than and 10 years, there are tens of thousands of sites, stores joining or self-employed, department stores or shopping malls counters…… A variety of lines are available in the form of a considerable brand potential.

initially, Wang Qian’s boss is forced under the inventory is too large, had to start the electricity supplier of the road, in Taobao to test the water sewer (specifically clear inventory) shop.

at the end of 2010, Taobao a big autumn promotion, single day sales of Taobao shop of A company exceeded 1 million 200 thousand yuan, nearly 3 times the usual volume, break the line under the national single day sales record. This result shocked the boss, he took the cake, champagne and Wang Qian electricity supplier team to celebrate the miracle, but also more firmly its sewer electricity supplier ideas.

so, A electricity supplier began to scale oriented, strong investment personnel, funds, electricity supplier sales continue to rise. 2011 double 11 Shopping Festival, the electricity supplier’s single day sales record has more than 20 million yuan.

but by year-end closing, "flow" and "conversion rate", "price" and other indicators will be transformed into "income" and "cost" and "profit", "sales rate, money is benefit, but found that the electricity supplier sector but in a complete mess.

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