POLA Tmall flagship store is not really open POLA Rumor source determination

a few days ago, there are micro-blog users broke the news, said: China Tmall Pola flagship store and did not get the official authorization of the Japanese Pola, the authenticity of the goods is not guaranteed. Exposure stickers and even posted a few Japanese screenshots, looks more real.


the news quickly spread in the circle of friends and micro-blog, and derived a similar POLA Tmall flagship store was not POLA open! These years to eat white pills actually come from the…


, POLA official micro-blog issued a formal statement in Japanese confirmed it was a big "rumour", POLA said: Tmall (TMALL) on POLA POLA in Tmall official flagship store is the only authorized channel. Sales of products are imported from Japan POLA officially imported.

As for the

online reprint related false news, from the customer, Polaroid consultation room, in reply to customer consultation reply, some statements misleading.

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