Key elements of online shopping behavior decisions are quietly changing


Beijing on April 27th news, "connection" magazine (Wired) recently published an article that, along with the photo sharing and social networking spawned new shopping habits, e-commerce has traditionally relied on the keyword search patterns are changing, provide pictures more intuitive shopping experience has gradually become a business success.

The first 15 years of

development in the online shopping industry, keyword search is an indispensable part of the seller in order to search rankings in the top hard, and buyers in this case there is no initiative. However, the electronic commerce rely on this keyword search pattern is slowly changing, the seller provides more intuitive shopping experience to shoppers, consumers can visit friends and colleagues love HD picture products, and click to buy, this approach seems to be more convenient.

with photo sharing and social interaction to drive the new shopping habits, this is Pinterest social image sharing site brings a new source of income, but also to this kind of website at present are still not forming business model. In addition, it also makes the network seller greatly saves the time spent on optimizing the search results, instead spend more time to beautify the picture to attract consumers.

Curalate is an application of image recognition technology to track the Pinterest published a brand identity picture of the company, the company CEO Gupta (Apu Gupta "·) said that social networks will change the habits of people in real life and in online shopping, which is represent the general trend. He smiled and said, in some respects, we went back to the ancient times, human ancestors like lettering on the wall, we no longer use text, pictures, maps directly.

in addition, the modern trend of online shopping is similar to a selection of fashion magazines from a superb collection of beautiful things of goods. Lee, the chief executive of Polyvore, a fashion and apparel shopping platform recommended by Jess, says the site brings millions of hits per month to online retailers Nordstrom and Net-a-porter. The surge in the amount of revenue associated with these hits also helped Polyvore’s revenue last year more than doubled.

with Polyvore in the e-commerce industry influence grow with each passing day, "Vogue", the Journal of the American version of the editor Anna Wintour (· Anna Wintour) has become the advanced users of their. In addition, there are four independent designers in the near future began to cooperate with the largest user of Polyvore design cooperation.

Lee said that the previous subscription "Vogue" and "InStyle" and other fashion magazine is the only way for people to understand the latest trends, fashion editor at various show, and designers meet, and then through the magazine to the mass.

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