Jibian stars CEO Chen Ping did not run away in East China to resume next week

Morning Post reporter Shi Yinsheng

March 3rd, the courier company "jibian stars" suddenly stop the normal express service. So far, the courier company’s website and service calls have lost their role, the company insiders also said that the company executives have been transferred last month, the company’s fixed assets and a large amount of money. At present, the courier company, although not officially declared bankruptcy, but in essence has stopped running.

last night, for the outside world spread the news of the collapse, raise a Babel of criticism of run away, disappear for several days will be anxious CEO star Chen Ping for the first time appeared in media interview, Chen Ping said, "I did not run away." And that will be through the legal procedure to solve the debt dispute jibian stars. From the prestigious national express company, to set up 3 years will collapse, has successfully founded ZJS Chen Ping admitted that he in the scale and speed of the mistake control.

business has been paralyzed?

CEO: East China resumed operation next week

public information, "jibian stars" was founded in 2009, is the founder, has been involved in the creation of Express brand "Takuhaibin" Chen Ping. Allegedly, Chen Ping and his brothers were included for Po, "Takuhaibin" management disagreement, himself created "jibian stars", since its inception, "jibian stars" will mainly focus on the electronic commerce market, provide express service providers. In March 2010, the famous business platform Alibaba to "jibian stars" betting funds 70 million. And in October 2011, "jibian stars" merged with another courier company feihong.

is currently "jibian stars" www.4006688400.com official website has been unable to open, call the company’s service hotline 4006688400, will hear a recording recorded, in addition to the emergency service hotline complaints, does not provide other services, but according to the tone selection of "emergency complaints", the other end of the microphone always came "sorry, the number you want". Reporters try to query a number of waybill number after the discovery, there are many January shipment has not been signed. The State Post Bureau spokesman Han Ruilin said, the stars will be anxious to express business to stop the backlog, the State Post Bureau has launched the emergency response mechanism, specific solutions will be announced as soon as possible.

yesterday interviewed by the media talking about the urgent situation of star, Chen Ping said, in addition to the regional business off, jibian stars in Southern China district is still in the running east region next week will be re operation. Chen Ping said: "these areas are also in the name of jibian stars to promote the business is very difficult to guarantee."

on the two months?

managers: assets at the end of February was

yesterday, the Post reporter contacted the jibian stars one Shanghai based management personnel. The anonymity of the management staff said, the headquarters of the leadership began to transfer assets from the end of February, in addition to fixed assets. "

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