Liu Qiangdong’s obscurantism can stand


will speak the controversial Liu Qiangdong is a kind of Public Relations Master, or Jingdong PR largest short board? In Yabuli Forum recently rekindled concern to the industry, brand entrepreneurs need not set up electricity supplier sector that so many people are unhappy not be at a loss what to do a home appliance business, fierce discouraged give up your company to engage in electricity providers to give them to do so, the logic of the right

?Speak no logical

Liu Qiangdong, just as "dull remarks died over

in general, the boss of a company to showcase themselves and the company’s image and Liu Qiangdong just need cautious, this is tomato is not to regard it as right, behavior style of tea known as in public speech, Liu Qiangdong also did not give trouble to the public relations department of Jingdong.

, but conversely, it is precisely because of the controversial remarks Liu Qiangdong often dull remarks died over the Jingdong to bring extra attention, not only by the Jingdong public relations department may not attract public media chase, if carefully examine the words and deeds of Liu Qiangdong’s words, it is the Jingdong PR guru, PR or short board.


Ma Yun speak is chicken soup type, and Liu Qiangdong speak is chicken blood type. The remarks about Daniel soup move, resonate with the audience in logic and emotion, and the characteristics of blood type to speak whether strict logic is secondary, the purpose is to attract attention again.

Liu Qiangdong’s speech from a variety of examples of past, often due to lack of logic incentive words sparked controversy, far not to mention a few days ago, in Yabuli forum content will have a lot of logical problems of speech. For example:

"I personally think that if the government can bring value-added tax rate to less than 14%, to crack down on tax evasion and escape, like the United States, 5000 sentenced to 10 years, all of a sudden nobody in tax evasion";

"if you set up electricity supplier sector, you sell a considerable part of the electricity supplier through their own department to sell, it is definitely a disaster";

"I once again appeal to all the traditional brand business entrepreneurs, forget it, go back first thing in your business sector all employees are laid off".

value added tax problem has long been debated, Liu Qiang East suddenly to solve; starry, three squirrels, the retail electricity supplier brand serious lying gun; the electricity supplier brands Department removed will be able to solve the problem of


is probably due to speak for a limited time, Liu Qiangdong was not on every point of view is given in detail, which left a lot of space extends to the media with us. In fact, Liu Qiangdong himself on the market’s perception of logic is clear, but its character determines their expression in language is too strong so that the representation is not clear, from this point by using "Liu Qiang!" can be found, it is easy to cause the strong words leave no room or caused a lot of controversy controversy, PR is Jingdong.

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