Jingdong home to do medicine O2O push pharmacist door

Beijing Business Daily News (reporter Li Duo, Wang Yun) giants began to play in the field of medicine O2O opponents play. Ali just on the health of the new version of the App, Jingdong yesterday to an important part of the business: healthy home for the first time disclosed the details of the operation. Shao Qing, general manager of the Ministry of health, said the health of the Jingdong, Jingdong health came home more than 3 months after the line has been expanded to the country’s 11 cities, with the cooperation of the more than 1 thousand stores. Shao Qing said at the same time, the future health of the Jingdong will expand health services to the home business, Jingdong health has begun to test the water to the pharmacist home".

medicine O2O is part of Jingdong’s business, at present, in the form of health medicine channel is located in Jingdong App. According to Shao Qing introduction, healthy home project started in August 3rd this year, formally launched late in the month, has now expanded to 11 cities with the top more than and 70 chain pharmacies. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporter learned that the channel is similar to other medical O2O platform, through cooperation with the next line pharmacies to provide timely delivery of drugs.

In addition to

, but also provide measurement, maintenance, inspection, protection, four services. Shao Qing said, in addition to the drug at home, but also do Jingdong health health services at home, "medicine is a very good precision products, Jingdong can according to drug treatment will be home together, provide healthy products and services". According to the Jingdong, home health planning, health services including glasses, pharmacists and other services come home. In addition, the sale of goods in addition to drugs, will also include cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, health products, medical etc..

medicine O2O field has become a big cake in the eyes of businesses. 111, chairman of the Longyan Medical Center believes that the pharmaceutical O2O can simplify the supply chain of traditional medicine market segments, which will provide a greater profit margins for businesses. Shao Qing said that the Jingdong does not want to from home health line shop "Changqing", in addition to commercial profit, the platform can also be through the commodity promotion and profit drainage.

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