How to write the title Amoy blue ocean for you to answer

train creative Title How to write? Amoy blue ocean answer!

first of all we need to know some common sense to understand the distribution of train title, title promotion altogether can write 20 words, show, is divided into two lines, Tmall train up 13, down 7 words; Taobao train up 15, down 5 words, according to the reading habits the two line, were expressed easier for buyers to accept the full meaning, so we don’t have time to divide the important words just disconnect, attention must be paid to the coherence of the statement. At the beginning and end of each line, it is a very prominent position, is the focus of visual habits, we should put some important attribute words, feature words, promotional information on these positions.

how to design the title we can stand in the seller’s point of view, the customer is to want to see what kind of title?

what kind of information do we need to convey in the headlines to make our customers feel better?.

promotions. This kind of title is the most commonly used and the most common one. This kind of title, is in order to attract Amoy cheap customers, but this kind of title, the customer has gradually immune.

conformity. This title has a certain basis for the sales of products, the use of herd mentality, click on the effect of herding, to create an intuitive sense of the bustling.

quality. The emphasis is on the quality of the products, of course, it is a kind of attractive people scouring quality, they may have a particular hobby, love from the attributes of the product, is to focus on product quality assurance, so attracted into the inside pages, the need for friends on the quality of their products to do again and again three that produce authentic certificates or other proof of what the quality of their own, can be more likely to form transformation.

star. This kind of title, for certain people, this kind of customers, probably because of love this TV movie or star, only love this style, probably, such a meaning, so the details page should hold the TV and movie star or not, you love not love, as long as customers love. You have to pretend to love.


Title Ideas:

from the customer’s point of view, we know how to capture some of the title of the customer, then the specific title of how to edit it?

general form: pass some attributes, promotional information, may not be too strong attraction.

point to specific populations. For example: "90 mainstream beauty standard equipment", "child must send parents top tea"; "cold warm cashmere MM essential to the most cost-effective"

these titles are directly connected to the audience attributes of the idea, directly attract you need to attract a specific crowd.

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