The new retail customer consistent MA mouth has been on this road for 2 years

October 13, 2016, Yunxi Conference opened in Hangzhou town of Yunxi, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma keynote speech, he proposed a "new retail" concept for the guests themselves, causing many traditional retail practitioners thinking.


Ma Yun said the Internet era, the traditional retail industry has been the impact of the Internet electricity supplier. The electronic commerce developed, but the pure electricity supplier era will soon end, the next ten years, twenty years, not only the new electronic commerce that said, this is to say that the retail, online and offline and logistics must be together, to the birth of new retail real line, the enterprise must go to the line on line enterprises must go down the line, the line with modern logistics together, in order to truly create new retail.

interpretation: what is the new retail


improve the level of daily in the retail and intelligence information, the Internet era, the current retail facing severe economic situation is not strong enough to support the previous profit model, the impact of the electricity supplier is on the one hand, the high cost of staff costs and rents prompted people to think about the new profit model, and try to do is not the same.

how to adapt to new technologies, how to cooperate with Internet Co and modern logistics, how to make good use of big data, in order to create new retail. Traditional retail technology to do the platform is relatively weak, the business model is good, the technology can not support, the effect is not good, the pattern and technology is very important to match.

technology environment is changing, we want to see what the traditional retail enterprises can focus on their own strength to do, which can take advantage of external resources and power. For example, SAAS can solve many problems of small and medium retail enterprises, in foreign countries has been very mature, in the process of promoting the domestic problems which we need to explore.

How to strengthen the

retail service, return to the retail nature? The line of the store’s biggest advantage is that it can directly achieve face-to-face communication with consumers, to create a good shopping experience, from the simple to sellers to provide consumers with services. The existing mode of operation is difficult to continue to provide services, and let the store information effectively delivered to the hands of consumers.

contact the guest Great minds think alike., become "new retail industry leader

although the concept of new retail, Ma Yun has just raised in the mouth, in fact, two years ago, Alibaba insiders had the same idea, and began to act.


this is jade, whose real name is Luo Wenjun, has served as head of the Alibaba’s core business. Experience is an important turning point in a Taobao C2C platform to Tmall B2C platform, is also one of the earliest explorers of the supply chain and retail combination of cloud computing.

Jade Guan believes that physical retail in the future will be supported by the three systems: Mobile Internet >

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