1000 hosting server

service has been for many years, in August this year, the server has expired, the room is also the price, I managed to get 6000, 10M exclusive, I really is a poor, do what 2 stations did not earn money, can not get so much money, no way, only the real turn, encountered a former high school classmate, just talk about it, he said he is working in a room for me, I said you can not give me a cheap hosting, ha ha, looking for the right person, give me 1000 yuan to get me a exclusive 10M, I really can’t believe people killed so cheap ah, 1000 ah, boss, casually walked there are 5000.6000, I have this price, even the world could not find such a good thing, I asked him that you will not lose money? I said a lot of students on the inside In fact, screen, a computer room is composed of many cabinet, a cabinet is 19 machine, which has 19 servers, a cabinet rent for one year is about 20 thousand, a count down, the cost of the machine is about less than 1000, so give me the cost price, my mother ah, I did not expect, the black heart of the server business, I also received 6000, there is a price, you see, you still go to hire thousands of one


I find the right person, finally a friend asked me: "are you doing and what station? Have a server, I said you look, Chongqing free net: http://s.www.cqmfw.com, in addition to a professional landlords teaching network http://s.www.doudizhu.net.cn, in addition to a Chongqing map: professional, professional tourism celebrity, hotel, short rent apartment, http://s.www.cqmingw.com I also engage in play table, nor take this money! One day only about more than 10 thousand IP to be honest, really is not too good, the friend looked after complimenting me is not good? Day tens of thousands of IP, ha ha I blushed,,,, but expect to have such a classmate, also know what so much inside, I am also very happy!

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