Mogujie com online PGC said social is the driving force of women’s fashion consumption

Yesterday (November 8th)

news was informed that recently billion state power network, combined with the beautiful group vice president Chen Dandan in the German digital technology leader summit in Hangzhou published the theme of "social networking, content, data, make women more beautiful three cornerstones" speech.

mentioned in his speech, Chen Dandan, on the eve of "double 11", the beautiful United’s 9 version of the line of global street and beauty video two PGC (specializing in the production of content), users can now see the daily updated global street map in APP, can also be seen in some of the popular beauty the problem of video.

based on the theme of this lecture, Chen Dandan said, "the three cornerstones of social networking, content and data, not only to meet the female consumption under the background of upgrading of the electricity supplier’s product demand, change is leading women’s fashion consumption from the" explosion "to" beauty ". She also shared a set of data: cross-border electricity supplier boom, in 2015 a year, China has poured into the world nearly 500 thousand new products and brands, which is never in the past."

at the same time, Chen Dandan also mentioned that the arrival of the mobile Internet era, but also prompted the user’s consumption patterns have changed. On the one hand, users began to shift from PC to mobile phones, on the other hand, the user’s attention and usage habits in the new media platform with the constant transfer and change. She believes that consumer escalation in the background, behind one of the female fashion consumer psychology is the driving force of social power, women are more accustomed to exchange information with each other, are "grass", and certainly encouraged after the completion of "weeds" and "bestie" shopping.

and then talk about the data, Chen Dandan admitted that the use of large data providers have their own uniqueness. "Data is a tool, not a final solution and solution," she said. In particular, the electronic business platform, we ultimately want to understand what the user behavior and consumer demand on our platform, will eventually lead us to make some decisions based on some data."

Chen Dandan said that female users is not love and people who know Zhuangshan, so the direct use of rigid data as the recommended means, in some cases will not only stimulate the user’s purchase, but also counterproductive. Therefore, the practice of the United States group, through the data to study the behavior and needs of users, the real understanding of the user, the data combined with the electricity supplier. In addition, more and more emphasis on the trend of personalization, human factors need to be taken seriously.

it is understood that was founded in 2011, is a social networking platform for young women 18-23 years of age to create a platform, and said the United States was established in 2009. In June this year, after a few months of beauty,, and the world of life shopping class APP scouring the world, officially announced the new group for the beautiful joint group. At the same time, the United States and the United Kingdom group fully released a new strategy for the upgrading of female consumption.

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