The second hand car electricity supplier behind station BAT power outlet ucredit Divine Comedy

reporter Zhang Xiaobin Beijing reported

60 seconds to burn 30 million yuan, let the excellent letter of second-hand car this little-known company in four "The Voice of China" lit up one. But it is worth noting that this seemingly behind nouveau riche company, is the number of Internet giants get together layout of second-hand car market portrayal, from Baidu to market, Jingdong and other well-known enterprises, seem to have spotted this land.

60 seconds hit excellent letter 30 million

the evening of October 7th, four "The Voice of China" Finals held in Beijing stadium, behind the music show the magnesium sponsor gradually surfaced, one of the most high-profile, the most impressive is the excellent letter of second-hand car.

after August 28th The Voice of China auction to 30 million yuan price, excellent letter shoot good voice finals 60 seconds of advertising, the price is almost three times last year, known as the most expensive China "in the history of advertising, it is particularly worth mentioning is that the ad 11 star endorsement.

it is understood that the second-hand car business platform formally launched just six months. Although in the company’s final night due to "the Divine Comedy" has been controversial, but in fact the second-hand car has excellent letter ads in a number of Internet platform and variety shows, such as "Daddy where the third quarter," "brothers" second season run.

in addition to other excellent letter of second-hand car, second-hand car business platform for advertising bombing in various channels, such as the main classification of information service market, the second-hand car business into "seeds", also began in the bus line channels such as a large number of advertising.

original used car advertising, mainly small ads, small cards, as well as in some places such as husband and wife shop and the subway appeared, and now began to launch a large variety of activities." Luo Lei, Deputy Secretary General of the China Automobile Dealers Association seems to put aside the advertising effect, second-hand car publicity began to scale, but also because the entire industry from the edge to the general consumer market penetration.

at the same time, the platform can conduct propaganda, there is also a lot of capital behind the support. Luo Lei said that the current capital market for second-hand car trading is also more optimistic about the future, second-hand car business platform also attracted a lot of attention, some of the used car business platform and even began to penetrate into the traditional offline channels.

BAT get together second-hand car electricity supplier

public information, excellent letter second-hand car is excellent letter B2C electricity supplier trading platform, in March this year, just on the line. August, excellent letter announced the acquisition of Baidu, KKR and Coatue investment, a new round of financing reached $170 million. Prior to this, excellent letter is the flagship B2B excellent letter shoot second-hand car trading model.

actually, just a porcupine excellent letter in the second-hand car outlet on.

in addition to the excellent second-hand car, the domestic market there are a number of second-hand car trading platform, in addition to the traditional canal

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