Live car the first attempt to live with the depth of the electricity supplier

2016, broadcast industry became the group purchase, A new force suddenly rises., intelligent hardware after the Internet, another point of growth. According to statistics, as of April 2016, the company has a total of 200 live broadcast industry, the total amount of financing more than $12 billion, which does not include the acquisition of a number of listed companies live platform.

The attention of

capital has promoted the development of this industry, but the problem also appears. The traditional show mode is not enough to support so many companies, and in May, each broadcast platform to seek different route to obtain future development. Among them, the broadcast industry itself "anchor core" characteristics, show mode and business model has become the starting point for the difference of the most broadcast platform.

this one, again at the 2016 Beijing motor show and deep Macao auto show has become a touchstone for the node, two modes.

2016 Beijing auto show and the Shenzhen auto show is a touchstone role in the broadcast field, because of the Beijing auto show in 2016 issued a "ban to die", do not allow exhibitors again using their own model. This makes the Beijing auto show after the lack of color value, has become the show mode broadcast platform "battlefield", it is understood that during the Beijing auto show, a total of not less than 100 net red, 30 live broadcast platform. The way is not "Red Lantern Exhibition + go" mainly. This is an attempt to seek the show mode difference in content. From the final point of view, because the content of a single form, so in a short period of time a few large live platform to grab each other media resources, after the exposure of the competition to find the difference between the contents of the


in the same period of the Shenzhen auto show, to seek a breakthrough in the live + electricity supplier model with the live broadcast has adopted a completely different model. The 2016 Shenzhen auto show has not released a "forbidden mode order" in the car as the Shenzhen Convention Center, met with the broadcast of the "female anchor" although there are live, but its purpose is not only "beauty", but actually in the studio and the audience interaction, communication and consultation for the audience concerned the problems and participating car prices, in order to answer the audience. The problem from the preferential allocation to cover and contain everything, car service facilities, the audience will be their concerns directly through consultation and car prices in the form of live, to achieve very good results. To live in the preheating effects. At the same time it also allows users to achieve a more precise selection in the follow-up, greatly improving the car customer management and sales efficiency, while the Shenzhen auto show exhibitors car prices from the beginning of the "gaze" to "interest" until the end ", also actively cooperate with the" side that this form does exist in the traditional electricity supplier can not provide value.


now, Beijing and Shenzhen auto show has ended, from the live broadcast of the statistical results, although there are 200 live platforms are touching >

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