Why home page snapshot update new content not included overnight

3, website: website content updates to the website snapshot is to play a role, when the search engine spiders first came to your site, found the content, there will be second to second times, but if the article is still like the first time and time >

1, website construction: first to do site optimization more this is the site of entities, with the station is the optimization object, construction of Shanghai dragon is the most conducive to conform to the rules of W3C, of course, to fully comply with is not possible, but also want to try to go with him, to the rational use of each label in HTML, such as H1 can only be used once, each page img tag to remember the title property to set the ALT property, a reasonable set of a tags for the like, must pay attention to these.

opening finished, so today is what? Recently discovered integrity link platform of Taiyuan Shanghai dragon, home snapshots are overnight, think no big problem, however, when choosing a recent day in love in Shanghai advanced search, but found a big problem, all the contents are not new included, and the symptom is about half a month, so long time has not been to grasp the new content, is a big tragedy! So, love Shanghai in the query a lot about "love Shanghai overnight snapshot update, but not included on the" questions, answer methods are written "wait", "love Shanghai will give you a surprise", "stick" and similar answers, have no ability to solve problems. Taiyuan Shanghai dragon to figure out where the brain penetration of the real reason, just know that one of the most simple process of formal website optimization, more the following process, I believe that the ranking will be back, included the home page snapshot and content, will soon be restored, as follows:

recently in Taiyuan Shanghai dragon has a bright prospect of development company called channel, has been developed for several months, as early as the middle line, but there are always things such as delay, bright prospect has not on-line, not easy to have time to do, but ignore the Taiyuan Shanghai dragon blog the quality of other site updates, such as link platform, integrity ideas and so on, ranking almost has begun to fall, the two day out at noon time to write something, saying "do not sleep at noon, afternoon collapse", but in order to rank to catch up, will give up the rest time at noon afternoon, a collapse back to write something.


site settings: set this point also contains a lot of content, such as title, keywords, description and other settings tab, there must be according to the settings in the selected keywords, set the degree must be reasonable, the network has a lot of setting these articles, can refer to the reference there are many other labels can be set, such as "author", we can love Shanghai search "meta tag" access details.

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