Using anchor text layout Links let Shanghai dragon ranking promotion

target 1: target 2 key words: target 3 key words: target keywords =1:2:3:4

three, the word mass website optimization Links anchor text distribution

anchor textThe word

optimized website often links the anchor text is the target keywords, this will help to quickly improve website rankings? From the single word website optimization, can really enhance the effect of the keywords ranking, but if you want to increase the keyword of the website, the anchor text problem you need to adjust Links not only need to find links, links, but also to consider the increase in chain word distribution and Links anchor text number arrangement, so what is the best way to solve the optimization strategy? Early words out of long tail keywords anchor text and brand keywords of the anchor text, usually, the ratio can be distribution.

Beijing Shanghai dragon training blog Links anchor text distribution

two, multi word website optimization Links anchor text distribution


target keywords: long tail keywords: brand keywords =6:3:1


condition: you solve the website architecture, page elements, link level.

said Shanghai Longfeng ranking, webmasters are not excited, ranking floating or simply do not go has become so homely food in Shanghai, in addition to the site structure, Longfeng ranking or page elements in the process of optimization, the socialization of accident, link building is a key link in Shanghai Longfeng construction. Links is the key method to improve the ranking of Shanghai dragon, but even if you find Links resources, if the anchor text layout is not reasonable, will have a great impact on Shanghai dragon ranking, today to share how clever layout of the anchor text you Links, let Shanghai Longfeng greatly enhance the ranking.

multi word chain optimization according to the right site architecture of the anchor text of the chain weight distribution, then you are the anchor text layout or layout of the weight of the low weight high anchor text links here? For example, if the website of your target keywords are 4: 1, 2 target keywords target keywords, target keywords 3, 4 target keywords within the chain, and the weight distribution of the target keywords are lower and lower, so the anchor text Links how to allocate more conducive to simultaneously enhance the site’s ranking? Personal recommendations are as follows:

mass word site Links anchor text assignment problem can be treated into the station site, typically, massive word sites belong to the portal or mall site, the layout of Links can be divided into column page, page, according to data comparison and comprehensive analysis of competition to realize chain arrangement, in order to improve the arrangement principle of low weight links.

single and weight distribution, comparison of

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