The novice webmaster please stop you do the chain of garbage hands

this way, quietly spent about 2 months, until the last day of National Day holiday, the morning see the rankings, I could not find my site, suddenly felt a cool, don’t like this tragedy came. So to love station view, found the web site outside of the chain from the beginning of September, has steadily declined from the highest more than 10000 chain, now down to less than 7000 (below), although still insist on doing the garbage outside the chain, but ultimately not deleted speed (also remind yourself to do pay attention to the website data. I am a bit lazy, if usually observe the number of the chain, found problems in a timely manner, it will not cause the situation today), the final result is the start of this article ranking disappear. These days also stopped the chain of garbage, do some high quality the chain effect, slowly etc..

why do these junk the chain will reduce the site weight? Personally, the main reason is that the chain of garbage instability leads to change radically site outside the chain, jumped down, caused by search engine antipathy, eventually will be punished. So the chain suddenly jumped or suddenly.

2012 is destined to be an extraordinary year for me, like a rookie webmaster, experienced a lot, but also learned a lot. In the past the mid autumn National Day holiday, I had a monthly income of nearly a thousand yuan Taobao guest website from the home page first to be right down, the painful experience of the disappearance of ranking. Suddenly from heaven to hell, let me reflect on the construction site, some mistakes made during site optimization, today for the novice webmaster friends talk about garbage outside the chain of smothering a website by a webmaster heart. Although the chain is a problem that is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, but it is necessary to say, to the novice webmaster a warning, some truth is experienced, will understand.

the garbage outside the chain, for most novice webmaster is not strange, because you have just started from the contact sites in this industry, you heard a word: content is king, the chain for the emperor. This will give the novice webmaster created one of the most original, the most completely false notions of is to do the chain, the more the better. Of course, as a rookie webmaster, I also think so at that time, finally also do the same, from the establishment of a good website, began to send the chain, BBS signature, classification of information, blog group, buy black chain etc.. At the beginning, the chain increased rapidly, keywords ranking also rose quickly, slowly also to income. I think, the original site is so easy, my heart can not help laughing. Although during this period, heard of the way of the chain site will cause the garbage chain more, after a long period, the development of the site as a whole but was unfavorable for own benefit at the website ranking has improved steadily, don’t think it possible they say is k drop right phenomenon.


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