love Shanghai in the second how to deal with

then he said: "you look at the www.***cn" rank was gone, I smiled and said: "we need to calm the face of love Shanghai cramp." First of all, let me introduce myself, I am venison network constant dragon heavy industry department, engaged in this industry for three or four years, should be the cause as a hobby to do it, I do e-commerce in this industry, I love computer, the more love my crusher station.

, on the website of the title made some changes (from the crusher, jaw crusher, impact crusher, crusher (price) change for the jaw crusher, impact crusher, jaw crusher, crusher manufacturer, and meta name="); description" content= is the most professional broken the domestic machine production base, Henan Yulong Heavy Industries is a company with years of experience in the production of jaw crusher, impact crusher crusher manufacturers, provide the latest prices query for you! Jaw crusher, impact crusher, crushing machine for low price change HANLOON >


I thought carefully, what is the cause of our keywords ranking crusher price is not ranked 100 pages, I recall the days I work within two years I recall this station and its growth. Www.***.cn registration time is 2009-05-25, as of today there are more than two years, I am from the promotion link to focus on the content in the customer’s experience in these two years, what kind of methods are tried, what even, even friends, long tail words, blog ah ah what I have tried, from 2009 from May to 2010 May, I have been trying to maintain the content, I strive to understand our products, analysis of customer needs the content of the website also reached the professional content never professional, can be said to be the customer knowledge required. Between 2010 May to 2010 November, I had to give up the personal emotional problems because I love this profession, and my hand reared children, causing it to be right down. In December 2010, I decided to go back to my love of the industry once again, I can not abandon my children this website. Love fell from the first page of Shanghai to

this is a black Saturday, when I entered the office door colleagues said: "the leadership of an accident, you have to calm" I am a very cheerful girl, usually what will be a good place to think. So I easily smiled and said: "say what the big deal." I can accept

open the computer to see, as expected, crusher price from Shanghai first to love 100 pages can’t find, and then look at the impact crusher, impact crusher, crusher, jaw crusher the words in a few days ago slowly rise, but from 2011 to early January 22nd on the station will no longer have the ranking. I began to check the chain to look each other in the rankings and included snapshot, after the query I’m sure our link should be no problem to other problems.

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