Electricity supplier experience to talk about how the new entrants to do e commerce

profit model, Ma once said: "the enterprise within 5 years not to do business, after 5 years of business services!" now more and more enterprises to join the army of personal electronic commerce, I just below according to more than a year of experience to talk about how to do new business e-commerce, Xinshoubikan. Drifting.

novice to do e-commerce 5 points must be done:

1, electronic commerce must be diligent, to this point! Everybody knows it, because no matter what can’t open your hard work, business is a new business model, and its traditional business is the same no pains no fruit can be harvested, there is no free lunch


2, do e-commerce all know, generally there will be a transition period, so people must set up their own mind! Don’t always think which day can fall pie, even if the fall is mostly a trap! Set up their own mind, strengthen their confidence, someday you will succeed.

3, now the society is such, is no longer the most hard-working people in the world, so you must carefully but also in the right way! This is a very important point is not a good way to tend and tired to death for nothing.

4, if the above points you can do is not able to swim in the sea of business? The answer is: NO! You must learn empathy! You will stand in the customer point of view to think about the problem, you have no standing in the consumer’s position to understand their needs, which determines the your product will not be recognized by everyone, not a popular product is not worth a hair.

5, the last is to have perseverance! Three days fishing for two days drying nets is not enough, we must stick to it, even if you have been successful, but also think that one day will fail.


above is the most basic things to do e-commerce have, following a brief talk about e-commerce to do exactly what to do, I remember a man by bus to illustrate this problem, feel good, learn about today. Do e-commerce is like driving a bus route, this is like a business facing the crowd is certain, such as you do in women’s clothing, then your customer base is the majority of female friends, you have to think of ways to get more women on your car. What factors affect the crowd in your car?

1 road bus starting point all the end point is the same, if you travel far more than others, so sorry, wasting my time, I will wait for the next car! This is a customer experience from the selection to the consumer, the user experience is not good. Do you want to keep the customers

2 bus service equipment, made friends all know, such as the summer, some air conditioning and some do not, or if the price gap is not, who want to go to warm and others crowded into a bus without air conditioning? This shows: >

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