Mobile search traffic increased after the Shanghai dragon ER decide on what path to follow

as everyone knows, we still stay at the PC end of their website optimization ranking Shanghai dragon, before most of the time is to do Google and love Shanghai two major search engines, and with Google out of the domestic market, seems to love Shanghai ranking optimization became synonymous with the Shanghai dragon optimization, because we in fact do is love Shanghai ranking optimization. In a very long period of time one thousand, love Shanghai official and private giants announced that after love Shanghai search on the PC side and mobile terminal of the search results will appear difference, and this difference will become larger with the development of mobile internet. In short, even after we love Shanghai website ranking may be in the PC end of the ranking is very good, and in the mobile terminal can not see; at the same time for the other search engines would have the same strategy, because it is inevitable for the development of the Internet, although there is competition between the search engine service providers, but also who dare to reverse the trend of

first, I want to talk about mobile search traffic increase effect on Shanghai dragon even surpass PC search traffic. I think the macro impact is part of people in this industry can’t adapt to the trend of development and give up, while the other part will form their further study.

present in the Internet chat with you be in full swing such as P2P, O2O, mobile Internet and mobile Internet, which could enter the hot topic of the top. There is no doubt that if the Internet is PC times before and after it is the era of mobile internet.

said this place a lot of people have questioned the above content from the root, as I see some Internet practitioners view that in some communities, that mobile search share is that manufacturers in order to achieve their own commercial interests and deliberately exaggerated. I’m talking about here is the mobile search traffic impact on Shanghai Longfeng increased after, here is not to pull away, but also can explain my own views on the trend. There is no doubt that mobile search traffic increase is an inevitable trend, to catch up with the PC search traffic is inevitable, perhaps from the Internet might all posted on the computer side; but at the same time, you need to know is that many users of the Internet is not like us all the time even with a computer, and more people can take mobile devices such as mobile phone all day.

? next year? Keywords

during the Spring Festival, I was in fact also analyzed a lot about this information, which at the end of last year the Shanghai high-end love station a dragon on the information Changsha made an impression on me, and I was very shocked. Love is the love of Shanghai Shanghai Lee said 2013 mobile search is developing rapidly, accounting for nearly 40%, is expected in 2014 may exceed the PC side of the search accounted for. Of course, the Salon I such a person is not eligible to participate, but also see some giants sharing on the internet. Many people will think of the mobile terminal, a year of development, to catch up with the PC end five years of accumulation, the flow will come mostly from mobile phone search

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