The latest release of high weight of the chain

such as: (1) the "implicit demand the word Hunan 2013 self Zhenti" is inevitably the "2013 Hunan self Zhenti answer";

1, Links: Links is between website and website to vote, no love Shanghai put it in the garbage outside the chain, but the chain do not too much, small and medium-sized enterprises, maintain is more appropriate in less than 30, although not a chain of garbage chain category, but it is implicated right down, friends of the chain more, the greater the risk.

The quality of the chain of

(3) summer went to the supermarket to buy a bottle of water, ice water is certainly implicit demand.

is engaged in more than a year of Shanghai dragon Er personnel will have such complaints "and now the chain of smaller", in fact it is not so, the chain plays an important role in keyword ranking, but here the chain refers to the natural chain, the so-called natural connection, as the name implies, there is a natural link, users will go to click on the link (excluding deceptive connection), also called extended to meet user needs.

(2) the word "Braised pork in brown sauce" practices of the dominant demand is the production steps and the production of raw materials, but implicit demand to purchase raw materials.

Method of making

2, promotion connection: first of all, through the love of Shanghai, after the drop-down box, search tools to find the word industry long tail keywords, then, according to these long tail keywords to analyze their dominant needs and implicit demand:

in the release of the chain page plus the >


natural link:

since February 19, 2013, after Shanghai launched the green love algorithm, a serious blow to the chain business, the chain of garbage. The algorithm is a kind of love Shanghai search engine algorithms, the purpose is to purify the Internet environment, advocate natural link. Scindapsus come also to the site optimization algorithm for a higher threshold, completely rely on the accumulation of the chain of the keywords ranking on the time has passed.

chain in the search engine, as is the website voting, now love Shanghai search engine to the first page of each keyword and page second as a platform, only the site in the top 20 to enjoy the love of Shanghai click on calculation method of rights, and promoting the rapid access to the web site keywords ranking method the 20 is the most effective chain. So, everyone needs to do outside the chain in the early stage, and must be a natural connection, the garbage chain or the sale of connection not only can improve the website ranking, but also seriously affect the keywords ranking.

directly determines our website in search engine weight, it is the most direct method to increase website weight, it is also the site keywords are not necessary for entry into the search engine love Shanghai top twenty. The role of the chain is self-evident, Shanghai dragon er know its importance in the keyword ranking. On the role of the chain, the son will not everyone clearly display slight skill before an expert.

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