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Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung’s son Lucas although not a year old, but by the same person, the level of attention to the entertainment star recently, his English domain names are registered, registered on the website of the domain name auction, starting at one hundred thousand yuan, and before this, but only big stars have treatment".

The opening price was

type in the address bar, jump out of the page first article is selling this domain name. The user said he had the hands of the existing domain name, it is very suitable for Nicholas Tse and the couple gave his son a birthday gift to the president of the United States and the United States and the United States and other countries in the hands of. "At the auction the domain name, starting at one hundred thousand, I have the right to choose the price buyers." The netizen also launched an investigation: "do you think Nicholas Tse’s son Lucas commercial value?" Relatively speaking, another couple had much experience, Angelina · Julie recently gave birth to twins, in order to prevent people from playing twins name idea, she and Brad · Pitt has passed the first registration agent, all containing the twins name Internet domain name.


registered endless

has such a treatment, Lucas children are not the first, Edison Chan, Jay Chou, and other star domain names have been "online auction" ". While the domain name, a lot of star’s name has been registered trademark. Miss Richie Ren brokerage firm told reporters that, at present, is also facing the embarrassment of the problem of Richie Ren. She said, before the company’s legal adviser found is the publicity of the "Richie Ren" trademark in the online registration, goods include wig, toilet, condoms and other lossy image products. The registrant is indeed called "Richie Ren" the name, but the company suspected that he might be exploited.

active protection impossible to guard against

Miss Zhuang said: in order to protect the artist, company has made full preparations, on the one hand to Richie award certificates and other written materials for the performance, by Richie signature, by a lawyer raised an objection to the relevant departments; on the other hand, companies in the performing arts, education and other fields in the name of Richie Ren registered trademark, to prevent others from registering. In addition to the artist’s company, fans also joined the fight against the war, before the super Xu Jinglei fans in order to protect the domain name of the star, at their own expense to buy gifts to idols case. But this is obviously a last resort emergency plan of the similar behavior encouraged the perpetrators.

for this type of cybersquatting, Miss Zhuang said the artist’s efforts and to get the public recognition, some people will become a registered object, Andy Lau, have had such problems before the dawn. Fortunately, we have formally raised objections, the other side of the registration will be at least a period of stagnation."

business difficult to win


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