The difficulties of novice website optimization where

beginners to optimize the industry despite the cautious, but inevitably there will be own headaches, so I think the couple, in the optimization of industry following problems is a test of the novice, the author through the following aspects in detail and we communicate what we should focus on optimization to breakthrough.

second, based on the code and the structure is able to modify the site. This is especially true for some without any basic knowledge of "Shanghai dragon Er, the Shanghai dragon is one of many Er web editing transformation, then, they see the code on the first, it is obviously, but especially in the website internal optimization and web page code structure is in the process of optimization the focus of this optimization for many new is a very tangled problem, to solve this problem, the author thinks that the website structure and code to choose the best experience with web design practitioners, secondly, encounter this problem by the competent resolved, the code related to the content by hand, then the writing of the article, so the construction of the chain to optimize the daily work of the new people to do, but the couple must note as soon as possible to learn more of A qualified optimization standard.

third, do not write articles related to the optimization. We know that writing is the site optimization can hardly be avoided especially soft, Shanghai dragon aspect, as a webmaster many newcomers tend to fall into the optimization of embarrassment, writing that, in addition to the general common article we Shanghai Longfeng class article with strong professional knowledge and writing articles, people often belly without ink, problem this time appeared, desperately reproduced pseudo original submission to like A5 webmaster, wanted to get away, but not the low quality caused by K is inevitable, here for the novice pen that every morning take a little time to write some articles, secondly, to spend more time reading other people’s article, you to write articles on the search optimization optimization reading plate, to write articles on reading related marketing marketing sector, only a clear self The writing purpose and writing direction has, by constantly reading and practice will gradually improve our writing level.

first, very difficult to grasp in the black hat and white hat. The current search engine optimization white hat optimization optimization to occupy the mainstream, Shanghai dragon Er love Shanghai such a big trend and everyone knew it, but often at the time of the operation is inadequate, the main reason is that the new self experience shortage, coupled with the impetuous mentality, sometimes it is excessive optimization but of their own but no alert, on the contrary, some of the details are need new attention but they ignore the most important reason is the experience of the author, the way to solve this problem is that the ongoing analysis of a large number of contacts, of course, people must obey supervisor’s arrangement, analysis optimization of charge, do not understand to ask for.

fourth, are not familiar with the problem of not using hot industry speculation. In addition to the website optimization based on

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