Will be the first search results click probability 50% third fourth No one shows any interest in

Microsoft will be R & D team Ronny Kohavi, recently published some research results through the blog. Allegedly, the search engine feedback list, more than half of the search will click on the first link, if the first link belongs to deep links (i.e. a website includes each link list, display area is greater), by clicking on the probability increased to 75%.


is strange, will be the research report did not mention the second link click probability.

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will be found, if users click on the results after the link in a browser once again return to the search results are ranked by the web page, click probability is increased. (Jing Jin

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[IT] Sohu news April 25th news, according to foreign media reports, as everyone knows that, in the search engine results page by clicking on the higher ranking, the higher the probability. Microsoft search will be recently released some interesting conclusions, according to the third fourth results, click rate has negligible.

for the third links, only 4% to 6% of the users to click, the probability is greatly reduced and the probability of the fourth link is only 2% to 3%, up to eighth links, click probability has been less than one percent.

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