How to love Shanghai laissez faire search results jump

clearly, card related information is directly by the artificial love Shanghai screened, and the results page has not found its related certificate website, only such a website, obviously a domain name that is the government website. But a rush to the government website how domain name? We continue to click, found the problem. Figure:


obviously, entering from the search results, love Shanghai jump to another site, enter the card website, according to the observation of this is a love of Shanghai, Google and many other search engines unified plucking website. Here we doubt is more and more, I doubt the next step by step. Then, I will directly enter the government domain name to open the site, such as:


code is as follows:

in Shanghai now love algorithm change today, there are still some improper means to undermine the fairness of the search results, and love of Shanghai’s promotion results are obviously not satisfactory, even more puzzling is the love of Shanghai there are some fraud in the natural search results, perhaps it is also love Shanghai not enough reason, if there is enough technology such a result, really what the insider. I would say love Shanghai natural search fraud case.

now has basic doubts to jump JS cheating is we often say that, in this love Shanghai algorithm changes the rapid warming in Shanghai seems to love should not be because of incomplete K algorithm and wantonly out those healthy corporate website, and should be more efforts in improving their own algorithms, and this the JS jump has indeed existed for a long time, Google was found to deal with this problem. In 360 after the birth of the flight search, really want to love Shanghai sounded the bell.



government website does exist, I will check the relevant filing materials, the organizer is the Shandong provincial population and Family Planning Commission, is the government website hundred-percent. Why is there such a jump? I ended up in this government website source code is directly observed in the JS jump,

network welcome to study together. The discussion, please indicate the source.

we love Shanghai in the search bar enter "permit" answer, at a glance the problem. Figure:


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