Love Shanghai Shanghai dragon ER several best Shanghai Longfeng shows optimization

love Shanghai search engine optimization is that many sites have attached great importance to the topic. Since the love of Shanghai 520 things, after that the webmaster was "awful". Love is quiet a lot of Shanghai engine. Just love Shanghai daily during the rankings change fast, fast, fast drop. Here, I believe you will realize that love Shanghai search engine in different regions found to result in a difference of. I hand a list to show that this list of words up a few days, the customer money to fight over, the tragedy happened to fear. The word out. In fact, the word lost in the night before had been lost. Customers second days to see ranking area of Shanghai is love. We got quite embarrassed.

We use

love Shanghai search engine official answer: from Shanghai love search data in the update of the time there are some conditions, problems caused by. It was soon to fix this BUG.

two, on the recent love Shanghai 520 updated instructions.

, a 301 old domain to the new domain name, the weight is replaced or added.

in love every day in Shanghai, in fact, love Shanghai search results in the present to us at the same time, also in the background silently record our search habits, things are common, even the search is men and women can understand. Of course, this is just a joke. I love Shanghai in the webmaster Club finishing some of the more valuable, for everyone to see the love of Shanghai official on issues related to the answer of flattery. The hope of feeling.


three, how to do the 301 page website, is targeted to 301 or 301, unified to the home page.

Shanghai official answer: love the search page on the 30>


Shanghai dragon ER idea: love Shanghai more and more difficult to do, Baidu you a damn. I think so, the day is very much, really to blame, only blame themselves for the technology of no progress. Technical progress of love Shanghai, but they can not keep up the rhythm. As we all know, search engines are opaque for each Shanghai dragon ER, is a guessing technique. So we do for Shanghai dragon ER must be adapted to.

love Shanghai search official answer: the weight of old domain name adds to the new domain name.

Shanghai Longfeng ER: the weight of old domain name will be added to the new domain, this approach is similar to the noble baby. But if the weight of old domain name is superimposed on the new domain name on it, so many old domain unified 301 to a new domain name, then the new domain name will accumulate weight more quickly. Or is there another set of weights calculation.

The revision of the

ER: of Shanghai Longfeng this approach and noble baby suggestions, everyone in the website, or have to when need to change the web URL structure, need special care. But that one, not to cannot but, not to change the page URL.

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